Outrage as London 2012 Olympic tickets printed in America

February 9, 2012 by  

There has been an outcry from environmentalists and the British printing community in response to the news that tickets for the London 2012 Olympics will be printed in America and then sent back to the UK.

The news comes as the Olympic Games lay out their plans to make the event as green as possible, recycling, reusing and reducing waste where ever possible. However, the decision to print the tickets abroad has been seen as an extravagance that cannot be afforded by the planet, as the tickets will then need to be shipped back to Britain using methods of transport that will no doubt be detrimental to the environment.

Many UK printing companies, from Strood to Salisbury and everywhere in between feel that outsourcing the ticket printing abroad is an insult to British print firms, especially when many smaller print shops are forced to close due to the uncertain economic climate.

A spokesperson for the company responsible for running the Olympic Games in London spoke about the decision to print the tickets abroad, saying:

“The contract to print tickets was awarded following a thorough, competitive and open tender run through Compete For (tendering website). As with all of our contracts, a number of criteria are considered including the experience of working on projects of this scale, security, ability to handle large amounts of data and value for money. Across the project, the Games has been good news for UK plc with 95 per cent of contracts going to British business.”

11 million tickets in total will be printed in the USA and then shipped back to the UK in time for the start of the London 2012 Olympic games.