New paper launch for international company

October 22, 2011 by  

Mondi, one of the world’s largest producers of paper and packaging, is set to release a revolutionary new paper product.

BIO TOP 3 next is a new kind of paper, produced by Mondi who are headquartered in Austria. Mondi have several operations throughout the world including five sub divisions in the UK, such as Mondi packaging paper sales UK, which is based in Print company in Tunbridge Wells printing services Tunbridge Wells in Kent. These companies will supply BIO TOP 3 next to various Print company in print shops printing services print shops throughout the country that provide a variety of different print services. Due to its high quality and natural whiteness, this new type of paper is being professed as being particularly effective for Print company in stationery printers printing services stationery printers.

Print company in Strood printing services Strood, in nearby Rochester is home to Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies who may find Mondi’s new paper offering appealing as high quality paper leads to high quality Print company in printing printing services printing when combined with the right techniques and expertise. BIO TOP 3 next is also said to be an ideal material to use when carrying out jobs that require Print company in full colour printing printing services full colour printing. The sales and marketing director for Mondi, Johannes Klumpp, commented on this new paper, saying:

“What is particularly unique to our new paper, BIO TOP 3 next, is its suitability for full colour image reproduction. Many were very surprised at the striking results of full colour printing with BIO TOP 3 next, given its natural haptic and natural white shade, which customers are accustomed to using for applications like book printing and stationery.”

BIO TOP 3 next also features notable environmental credentials, which is good news for anyone looking to make their printing more sustainable.