Medway bus station costs set to rise

March 19, 2012 by  

Local councillors recently revealed that the opinion-dividing Chatham bus station development, which is already in excess of its planned budget, is set to go a further £1.5 million over budget.

The redevelopment of a key Medway bus station at Chatham has been a hot topic for discussion between the local authorities and the public of late. Local people received leaflets about Chatham bus station’s redevelopment, which displayed the message ‘It’s ready, are you?’ – when the project was not yet fully complete.
Flyer printing in Strood, Chatham and the Medway area is always a popular way to promote new community initiatives, but in this instance the leaflets carried information declaring the station complete, when work still needed to be done.

The bus station revamp project was a joint venture between the council and the Medway Renaissance Team. The Medway Renaissance team has since ceased to exist. Councillor Alan Jarret spoke about the project running over budget, saying:

“There has to be accountability. The task of overseeing Medway Renaissance fell to RCC [the Regeneration, Community and Culture department]. The buck has to stop somewhere and RCC will have to take the matter forward. We still have the final accounts to come and we can’t rule out any further overspends.”

Brian Weddell, who headed up the Medway Renaissance Team, gave his view on the project, commenting:

“All parties were fully aware of the position on the bus station and the overspend was predicted following political actions which changed the design.”