Human Library project promoted using poster printing in Strood

March 3, 2011 by  

Strood Library is set to host an interactive event as part of an international project. The project is called the Human Library event and is designed to act as just that – a place where people can go and ‘borrow’ people’s stories and conversations. The idea is that this event will encourage dialogue and interaction between people regardless of their background or beliefs. The event in Strood is being promoted using services from local printing companies based in Strood, including poster printing. Strood library is hosting the Human Library event on Friday 18th March and the library is inviting people to simply come along and listen to the stories that are being shared or to put forward their own spoken stories if they feel able to.

The Human Library project coincides with World Book Day on Saturday 5th March, another event that is being advertised around the area using poster printing in Strood. The local authorities in the region are becoming increasingly keen to support and promotes arts, literature and learning initiatives throughout the area and by using a local printing company in Strood, local authorities and organisations can do this conveniently, quickly and at a cost that can be justified. Poster printing in Strood is particularly popular for communicating information about events that are taking place in public venues such as the Human Library event at Strood Library. With this level of advertisement, it is hope that the Human Library’s visit to Strood will be a huge success.