Fire service uses flyer printing to warn Strood residents

June 7, 2011 by  

The Fire and Rescue Service for the Kent area recently undertook an awareness drive to attempt to stem a spate of deliberate fires started in Broomhill Park in Strood.

Throughout April and May this year, the fire service has been called out to five separate incidents where rubbish or dry undergrowth in the park had been set on fire. The fire service believes that these fires were started deliberately and they are now working to express the dangers and consequences of arson to local school children and residents.

Gary Stanford, who is the local risk reduction manager for Kent Fire and Rescue Service, appealed to local residents to think about the consequences of arson by releasing a statement saying:

“It affects the environment, the community and it also has the potential to divert valuable firefighting resources away from other incidents such as house fires or road traffic collisions where lives may be in danger.”

Mat Barney, a firefighter from Sittingbourne, received severe burns as a result of tending to a grass fire in 2005. The fire service are now distributing leaflets showing pictures of these burns in the hope that this will deter people from starting fires, especially as the warmer and drier summer months are ahead.

From talks in schools to flyer printing, Strood’s residents will be well informed of how damaging and serious arson attacks are, as well as understanding how they can help to prevent damage by reporting suspicious behaviour or disposing of rubbish and cigarette butts responsibly.