Chinese New Year celebrations increase demand for POS printing in Strood

February 4, 2011 by  

Plans to celebrate the Chinese New Year are underway and Medway Council looks set to run a series of events to mark the occasion throughout Chatham and Strood (by Gillingham). There are plans for a parade to mark the start of the Chinese year of the Rabbit in Chatham town centre on the 13th of February and several local businesses are already using the Chinese New Year as a platform from which to run promotions. This has seen an increase in the need for effective, attention-grabbing POS printing around Strood. For example, local food shops and grocery stores are ramping up their offering of oriental foods in anticipation of increased customer demand as the festivities approach. POS printing has set Strood businesses in good stead in the past, especially when supported or driven by seasonal events such as Christmas or Halloween. However, shops are not the only businesses that could benefit from POS printing. Strood and Chatham residents are set to run Chinese-themed stalls in Chatham town centre on the 5th of February and these too could benefit from signposting their wares to attract the right kinds of customers who are likely to make a purchase.

Local businesses have found that it is often more convenient to use a local printing company near Strood for this kind of printing as opposed to a national one that is based online. This is because local print companies are able to offer a bespoke service and as they are well-informed of local events, they are often able to make helpful suggestions that ensure their customers get the most out of their print jobs.