Banner printer installed at Dutch airport

December 30, 2011 by  

An innovative new banner printing machine has been installed at an airport in the Netherlands, giving customers access to on-the-spot printing facilities to help them in welcoming home loved ones.

The banner printing machine has been installed in Schiphol airport, near Amsterdam. This system gives customers access to a touch-screen computer system that allows them to personalise a message on a banner which can then be help up in the arrivals hall of the airport for everyone to see. Whilst this technology is innovative, it will be a long time before it replaces local print companies’ offerings of bespoke banner printing.

Strood is located close to Rochester Airport, which is less likely to have crowds of people welcoming home flights than it is to be hosting special events celebrating the aviation history and culture of the region. Rochester Airport could still find it useful to utilise local print shops in Strood which offer banner printing, to help promote their events. One such event is the Hangar Dance which was a successful dance evening held earlier this year.

The banner printing machine at Schiphol airport is producing around 50 banners each day at the moment and is proving a popular alternative to people producing their own banners on bed sheets with paint, which was what happened prior to the banner printer being installed. This is one example of how professional banner printing is far superior to home-made methods, giving a professional finish and a high quality, durable product.