Posters to target litterbugs

September 4, 2010 by  

Stoke-on-Trent’s city council is poised to use poster printing as its main weapon in its war against illegal fly tipping and littering.
The council has decided to take action to tackle the worst areas by creating an ‘environmental crime team’ to address the problems. The council will be focusing on areas such as Hanley, Normacot, Cobridge and Tunstall after identifying these areas as hot spots for littering and other related activity.

The new environmental crime team will do some initial work in these areas, spending 50 days uncovering the main problems and identifying ways in which these can best be tackled. The teams will be looking to establish what the scale of the problem is, whether this is a problem with businesses or residents and also the local community’s attitude to littering.

Following this initial work, the council will be looking for printing companies in Stoke-on-Trent to produce posters in order to let people in the area know what the council are doing to tackle the problems. The enforcement stage with issuing fines will only come as the final stage of the process as the council hope that they can alter attitudes and behaviours before having to resort to penalties. The council’s plans also include arming the environmental crime team with the power to issue penalties for problems which have previously been unaddressed such as graffiti or dog mess. The council hopes to answer residents’ increasing demands for environmental action with this latest approach and that, if successful, the programme can be rolled out to other areas of the city.