Campaign continues against new takeaway in Fenton

June 20, 2011 by  

Local residents in Fenton are up in arms about a proposed new takeaway food business that would take the total in King Street to seven takeaway food outlets.

A petition has been led by the owner of a local hair salon and has so far collected 350 names in favour of banning the new takeaway from opening. Residents say that takeaways are a problem due to rubbish, litter and parking problems amongst other issues. The new takeaway would take the area’s total takeaway count up to 16 shops.

Another major nuisance for local residents is the excessive amount of takeaway leaflets that are distributed through doors in the area. Leaflets and flyers can be extremely effective at communicating a message or menu when distributed correctly and local companies offering flyer printing in Stoke-on-Trent and Fenton often help local restaurants to produce promotional material. However, when these flyer drops for different takeaways become daily junk mail, they lose their effectiveness.

68 year old Gloria Bourne from Fenton said:

“I am.. sick of getting loads of leaflets through my door for nearly every different takeaway and I don’t want them.”

The building in King Street is currently empty and was formerly a furniture shop. The planning application to turn this shop into a takeaway comes from Sarah Marsden, who previously submitted a planning permission request in 2005 to open her takeaway, but has never acted on it and the application approval lapsed. Marsden told that a renewal planning application had been submitted.