World Cup flag removed as unsafe

May 26, 2010 by  

Southampton Council has ordered a football fan to remove their St George’s flag from outside his flat. The England football fan had erected flags to be used as banners, balloons and bunting in anticipation of the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa but as they were in a communal area outside his flat, supermarket worker Karl Staples has been told to remove them for health and safety reasons.

The wardens at the council flats in Southampton apparently had a complaint about the flags and bunting and deemed them a health and safety issue. The wardens said they had no issue with residents flying the flags of St George from their windows or on the inside of their buildings, and certainly had no issue with residents showing their support for the England team. However, they have said that all communal halls or sides of buildings need to be kept totally clear of any such objects like signs, banners posters or flags as this is a health and safety issue as they are flammable objects. Staples branded the decision as ridiculous as he told the Southern Daily Echo that he had knocked on all doors in the area and no one owned up to complaining.

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