Southampton welcomes new Swatch store in WestQuay

June 10, 2011 by  

Southampton’s WestQuay shopping centre is now home to a new Swatch watch store and will be focusing on attracting customers through motion, colour and light.

The Swatch store is the newest of 16 shops dedicated to the watch brand throughout the UK and the only one in Southampton. The store opened its doors to customers on 9th May and after trading for around a month, the retailer will no doubt be looking to review the success of the store so far.

The success of the store is being driven by in-store advertising, featuring large-scale billboards which will be updated and refreshed alongside the main advertising campaigns for Swatch. As well as in-store billboards, the store also features unique display cases for its fashion watches and these are designed specifically to be light and to brighten up the shopping environment.

As well as bespoke display units and large-scale billboards, Swatch is just one of many brands that uses bespoke Point of Sale (POS) printing. Southampton’s WestQuay is a major shopping development for both locals and tourists alike and to ensure standout in a crowded market, POS campaigns on-brand and in line with the core advertising campaign will usually help to boost sales. POS produced using full colour printing would give any Southampton store a great way to engage customers at the point of purchase and to increase average transaction value.

The WestQuay Swatch store joins the ranks of Swatch stores that include shops in prestigious retail destinations such as the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent and Westfield in Derby.