Southampton retailers need to provide an experience

July 16, 2010 by  

It is a difficult time for retailers in Southampton. Trying to keep consumers interested in your store and to remain loyal in the face of other retailers all vying for their custom can be very tricky.

Marketing Week recently posted an article with advice on how brands need to consider new rules if they are a retailer. One of the new rules offered for consideration was the experience that shoppers want to receive if they come into your store. The article suggested that retailers should make sure shoppers really immerse themselves in the brand in-store, and the article gives examples and debates the merits of retailers who are doing that either by using technology such as Smartphone apps or going back to basics and trying to make shopping fun.

For example, a new grocer in Fulham, Union Market, has opened and rather than offering their customer a loyalty card or other data collection ideas, they hope to offer an old fashioned style of shopping experience. The first shop is in a listed building that formerly was an Underground station.

Giving consumers an experience need not involve new technology or moving your store to a more unique location. By using well branded, designed and printed point of sale marketing materials, retailers can look to create an in store experience that gives the consumer the impression of your store that you want to convey. Printers in the area will provide pos printing in Southampton and help your store remain a must visit store in the city.