Southampton Police use outdoor advertising to speak to the community

June 20, 2010 by  

Poster printing companies in Southampton will be busy as Southampton Police and Council chiefs have launched a major outdoor advertising poster campaign in the area to speak to the local community. Using broadcast transport formats such as taxi advertising and bus poster advertising, along with mobile billboards, the campaign aims to cover as much of the city as possible in order to get the message across to local people that crime in Southampton is actually much lower than people in the area perceive. Poster advertising is a great way to speak to a local community as they are part of the fabric of their everyday life.

Police feel that people have an inflated fear of crime in Southampton when in actual fact their figures show that crime in the city has dropped by fourteen percent last year, with a very dramatic fall in violent crime in the city centre after dark. This fell by thirty one percent with additional successes in reported incidents of antisocial behaviour. Police and Council chiefs however still feel that the fear of crime in the area is disproportionate to the levels of actual criminal acts

The campaign uses Home Office funding and has been launched by the Southampton Safe Partnership, which is a group of organisations including the police and council members. The Southampton poster campaign will also extend into city centre venues such as bars and clubs to get the message across in a relevant environment. The creative message will focus on the successes that the police have had over the past year in drastically reducing crime figures.