Southampton-based legal firm continues to expand

February 23, 2018 by  

Keoghs, a provider of legal services with a new office in Southampton, is continuing to expand.

Keoghs is a specialist organisation that focuses on the provision of legal services to firms within the insurance sector. The growth of Keoghs has been furthered by the recent acquisition of the Hill Dickinson insurance group.

Hill Dickinson has retained its marine insurance section and its clinical negligence division. Demand for letterheads from Southampton Hedge End may increase when enterprises with local offices expand.

Hill Dickinson remains an international legal firm which specialises in commercial law. Meanwhile, Keoghs has offices in Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, London and Southampton. It is likely to develop further as it has a clear strategy. John Whittle, the chief executive at Keoghs, has explained:

“In the current climate of consolidation within insurance law, investment in people, technology, and infrastructure are the key factors to enable success.”

Keoghs certainly has more on its plate than it once did. Following its recent acquisition, the legal services specialist has the capacity to deal with issues such as dispute resolution and professional indemnity. This means that Keoghs will have to engage with more large corporate players in the future than would otherwise have been the case.

Former Hill Dickinson staff might not have lost out from the deal. It may be advantageous to work in an enterprise that has invested a lot in IT.