Southampton Airport campaign off to a flying start

September 14, 2011 by  

A new advertising campaign for Print company in Southampton printing services Southampton Airport launched this month, running across a variety of media. The advertising campaign is titled ‘It’s My Airport’ and is aimed at raising awareness of Southampton Airport by making messages more tailored to the people who will see them. The director of marketing and communications for the Airport, Jan Halliday, spoke of the campaign, saying:

“Our objective is to create a better awareness of the huge range of benefits which come from travelling via Southampton Airport. For business users that might mean getting home in time to see the children before they go to bed. For others that might mean making it easy to have a romantic weekend break.”

The awareness-raising drive will run across several types of media, encompassing online and offline advertising. Radio slots, banner ads and social media activity will be supported by offline communications, such as outdoor display advertising and Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing. Southampton Airport is targeting people along the M3 corridor as they are the ones to whom the campaign will have most relevance for.

Using a cross-channel advertising mix that spans the media spectrum, from online advertising to poster Print company in printing printing services printing will help Southampton Airport to have a wider audience reach and will increase the effectiveness of the overall campaign.

Southampton Airport flies to 50 destinations around Europe and the UK and hopes that the ‘It’s My Airport’ campaign will help to increase its current passenger turnover from where it currently stands at two million passengers per year.