Power to the people

October 27, 2010 by  

Plans for an enormous power plant at the docks in Southampton will lead to a major consultation process with the people in the city as the impacts on noise, the environment, emissions and traffic are considered.

Printing companies in Southampton will be busy producing leaflets to be distributed to residents and any businesses in the areas surrounding such as Millbrook, Marchwood, Redbridge and Freemantle to inform them of the proposals for the power plant which Helius Energy is looking to build on the Western Docks close to Millbrook train station. The plant will be a giant wood-fired development that could bring construction jobs to the area and boost businesses at the port. There are plans that the national grid will buy electricity generated from the plant which is said to be enough to power up to 200,000 homes and Southampton Council is hoping to use heat from the plant as part of a pioneering heating system to run in the area which will be able to supply around 2,000 homes and some commercial properties in the city. However there are concerns over the emissions from the plant works and their impact on the environment and also the noise, vibrations and traffic implications of such a build.

Other groups involved in the consultation include councillors, MPs, employees at the docks as well as community groups and obviously local residents who will all be involved in the informal consultation process and will have up to 28 days to make their written submissions to the proposed plans.