Poster printing in Southampton still essential to promote ‘paperless’ event

May 14, 2011 by  

Southampton’s annual town-wide clean-up event was intended to be promoted entirely via online methods, but councillors have had to resort to promoting this via traditional methods such as poster printing.

Southampton council runs the event each year in order to make the town centre a more attractive place to live but also as an initiative to raise awareness about environmental issues. These issues are the reason why Councillor Chris Nuzzi was keen to keep paper promotion of the event to a minimum, instead using email and the town’s website to spread the word about the clean-up event. Councillor Nuzzi is quoted as saying:

“It’s important that the Town lead by example in the effort to conserve resources and cut the generation of waste wherever possible.”

The councillor did commission a small run of posters that could have been produced using a local company which offered poster printing in Southampton. This run of posters shows that traditional printed methods of communication still have their place when it comes to promoting public events.

Local printing companies that offer poster printing in Southampton are used to working to bespoke requests and whether the print run is small or large, these kinds of company are usually well-equipped to deal with these requests.

The promotion of the event using mixed media was a success, with over 700 volunteers helping to collect over 50 tonnes of rubbish from local streets, parks and beaches; resulting in the area being a much more pleasant place to live, work or visit.