Poster campaign aims to keep women safe this Christmas

November 17, 2011 by  

An interactive poster campaign is being launched to encourage women to stay safe when out and about over the Christmas period.

The poster campaign is being conducted by Wandsworth Police and will target women who are on nights out in the run up to Christmas. The premise behind the posters is not a new one; simply encouraging women to safely book a taxi that is run by a legitimate company rather than get in an illegal cab. The difference between this poster and previous ones, however, is that these posters will feature scannable Quick Response – or QR – codes that will allow women to automatically take them to a web page that lists authorised cab companies when they scan the poster with their mobile phone.

The website is run by Transport For London

There have been several similar campaigns at Christmas in recent years but none were quite as interactive as this innovative use of poster printing. Southampton women were targeted by a safety awareness campaign in 2009 where women were handed personal safety alarms to help keep them safe when leaving pubs and clubs in the city.

QR codes are becoming more mainstream and many posters, flyers and brochures now feature these as a way to link people to more information. The community safety spokesman for Wandsworth Council commented on the poster campaign, saying:

“We hope – by taking advantage of this technology – this increasingly popular method of accessing online information simply and quickly will be used by revellers who may have had one too many and need help getting home from a trustworthy source.”