Pie company opens a Southampton branch

December 24, 2017 by  

Piecaramba! has opened an eatery in Southampton’s Carlton Place.

The business sells comic books as well as pies and mash. Promotional products from Southampton can be used to enthuse the public about new retail outlets. Phil Linnsen and Rob Litchfield are behind Piecaramba! and Litchfield told the Daily Echo:

“We have worked really hard to establish ourselves in Winchester, and wanted to open another shop as quickly as possible, and not fall into a position where we got too comfortable with just one store.”

Litchfield and his colleague are fascinated by pop culture and pies. The pair opened their Winchester outlet during the autumn of 2016. Their progress has encouraged them to look for more opportunities to expand. They have consistently stressed the importance of creating a fun experience for their customers.

Jay Raynor, a restaurant critic at The Guardian, has praised the shop in Winchester. Raynor suggested that Southampton is fortunate to have a Piecaramba! of its own.

The Southampton Piecaramba! is based on two floors. This means that plenty of consumers can spend time on the premises.

Events may be hosted at the venue and it has been revealed that some of the occasions could be private parties. Piecaramba! has already won an award, so the Southampton branch must try to sustain the progress already achieved by the organisation.