Peacock ‘wanted’ poster ruffles locals’ feathers

October 8, 2011 by  

A set of mysterious posters have appeared in a Tyneside village, offering a £500 bounty for anyone who can capture a pair of peacocks who roam the area.

The Shearwater estate in Whitburn, in South Tyneside is home to two peacocks who roam freely around the village. Whilst many residents enjoy the unique splash of colour that these birds bring to the area, not everyone is as happy. The posters are believed to have been created by someone local to the Whitburn area and the words on these posters state:

“£500 reward for the capture of two stray peacocks wandering on Shearwater Estate, Whitburn.
“Owners cannot be traced. Reward is £150 cash for each bird, plus £200 bonus if the same person catches both. Reward(s) will be paid when the birds are handed over.”

This is an inventive – if not slightly risky – use of poster printing.

Southampton and Hampshire are regions that witnessed a similar issue earlier this year. A village in The New Forest had a problem with stray peacocks leaving droppings in the grounds of a local school and have since been rehomed by country estates in Dorset.

The police have been called in by local residents who fear that the person who created the posters may be about to bring guns into the village again to shoot the two peacocks. A survey carried out in 2010 showed that 60 per cent of local residents were happy for the birds to stay.

The mystery poster printer is yet to show his true colours and the case continues…