Massive disco ball is headed for Southampton

March 23, 2018 by  

The biggest disco ball in the world is on its way to Southampton.

The disco ball has a diameter which exceeds 10 metres and it is due to be the centre of attention in Southampton towards the end of May. Poster printing in Southampton Hedge End can be used to promote events. Southampton Common should be dappled with bright light as a result of the ball.

The disco ball may well attract the crowds because it features over 2,000 mirrored tiles. If these tiles were placed in a line then they would stretch for a kilometre in length. However, it is the quality of the music which might tempt people to come to the event from Southampton Hedge End. Disco fans should be pleased by the content which is on offer at the occasion.

The Jacksons, Snap!, Boney M. and The New Power Generation are scheduled to make their appearances at the festival. The New Power Generation, who used to provide support to Prince, have also gone under the name of the NPG.

Some music fans may be slightly weary before the disco extravaganza kicks off. This is because the disco ball will be displayed the day after some famous people do their stuff on the common. James and Lily Allen have been pencilled in as headline acts, while All Saints and Jaguar Skills have sets to deliver.