Leaflets lead trail to ship wrecks

September 19, 2010 by  

Visitors to the Solent can learn about the history of this coast line with traditional and new methods of education. Companies who offer flyer printing in Southampton will have helped to produce new leaflets giving information about the heritage of this coast line but more interactive methods of bringing the stories of the rich history of shipwrecks, smuggling and ship building to life from the area have been developed.  A new trail has been launched for visitors to the area to follow and covers above and below water. On land, visitors will follow the guidance on the new literature and interpretation panels to learn more about the history of the coast line and various ship wrecks. However, they can then take to a boat and set sail for various yellow buoys in the water which will be located to mark out locations of shipwrecks in the waters. By then calling a telephone number provided, visitors can hear a message about the wreckage of the ship that lies beneath them in the water. Any divers visiting the area could use diving slates containing information about the wreckage under the water with them.

A maritime archaeologist working with the New Forest National Park Authority explained that they hoped to increase understanding of the coast and by promoting enjoyment of the history of the area, it would encourage people to care and protect it for future generations. The trail will take in four ship wrecks spread across nearly one hundred years between the years 1881 to 1978.