FT Print Southampton site likely to experience more activity

March 15, 2010 by  

Southampton brochure printers, stationery printers or large print management companies would all welcome increased activity. FT Print has its headquarters in Hertford and operates sites in Southampton, Wolverhampton and Burnham. The company employs 140 staff and has recently acquired rival print management firm UDM Print. They are now set to take on the top end of the business processing outsourcing market, commonly referred to as BPO.

UDM Print was based in Burnham and is now known as FT Print Burnham. FT said the acquisition has given them the ‘critical mass’ to handle larger contracts. FT now expects its turnover to be £26 million a year. Managing director Mr.Tom Gurd said:

“The merger would provide the ideal platform for substantial growth in 2010 and all stakeholders would benefit from the improved strength the enlarged operation affords”.

The former managing director of UDM Print is now to become chairman of FT’ Print’s parent company FT Holdings. He said:

“The merger made sound commercial sense and was excellent news for the team at UDM and all our customers. It will expand both businesses’ service offering, resulting in greater scope and opportunities for both companies, this is a really positive time for all involved”

It is very likely that all of the company’s locations will see much more activity in the near future as more business comes through the doors. Employees should feel assured as this growth should mean a more secure future.