Free newspaper widens distribution to include Southampton

December 14, 2010 by  

Printing companies in Southampton have been buoyed by the news that The Metro, one of the biggest free newspapers in the UK, will be extending the distribution reach of its London edition to the region. An extra 50,000 copies will be printed of the week-day paper that is widely dispersed around public transport stations, work places and universities. The total circulation for the paper is set to rise to around 1.4 million copies each week day. The rationale behind the increase in circulation is that this will mean that commuters have access to the London edition before rival free publications have the opportunity to offer their paper to people. This strengthens the advertising potential of the paper which in turn perpetuates its growth and influence. Printing services in Southampton look set to welcome this approach as it may spark a chain reaction that increases their business.

This shows a growing confidence in the UK print industry and many printing companies in Southampton see this as a positive move. In recent years, an emphasis on multi-channel communication has crept back into popularity after a period of uncertainty after the advent of the internet.

It is now generally recognised that companies need to combine online communications with offline methods including services like poster and brochure printing. Southampton companies are embracing this change in approach and the news that national titles like The Metro are investing in their print offering is a boost to the confidence of the print industry.