Find small printers or full print management in Southampton

February 4, 2010 by  

If you are a business in or around Southampton you should find it easy to find a Southampton printing company to service your requirements. If you need stationery or business card printing in Southampton there is a good choice of print firms in the area who can fulfil your order quickly. Large companies may require print management solutions and this would also be possible to source locally.

There is, for example, FT Print; which is a print management company that has recently expanded. Their headquarters is in Hertford but they also have sites in Southampton, Wolverhampton and Burnham. The printing company has acquired a rival print management operation, UDM Print Management, and should now increase their turnover to around £26 million. The merger should enable future growth.

Managing director Mr. Tom Gurd said

“The merger would provide the ideal platform for substantial growth in 2010. All stakeholders would benefit from the improved strength the enlarged operation affords”.

FT Print employs 140 people. It can be quite heartening to learn that some companies are continuing to expand despite the very harsh economic climate which is being experienced at the moment.

It is good that local Southampton companies have a good choice of printers to choose from. So if you are just looking for a business card printer or if you require something fully comprehensive then why not consider what is on offer from your local Southampton print firms first?