Cycling event may visit Southampton

April 24, 2018 by  

Let’s Ride Southampton, a cycling event, may take place in Southampton this summer.

The event is likely to bring thousands of people to the city. The precise route which the cyclists will take has yet to be established. Printing services from Southampton Hedge End can be used to promote various events. The chief executive at British Cycling, Julie Harrington, is passionate about the potential of Let’s Ride Southampton. Making urban environments better for bicycles is at the core of her agenda. British Cycling is eager to encourage more individuals to ride on a regular basis.

Councillor Samuel Fox is also involved in the organisation of the event. Councillor Fox has responsibility for planning and infrastructure. He said:

“Our vision for cycling is to transform Southampton into a true cycling city where safe cycling is a daily norm. HSBC UK Let’s Ride Southampton is an important element in making this happen by showcasing the city at its best.”

Councillor Fox understands the value of a free day out for families. He appreciates that closing roads to cars enables occasional cyclists who may lack confidence to have a go.

Luke Harper is behind a partnership between HSBC UK and the national cycling organisation. He is keen on Let’s Ride Southampton because cycling is positive for the health of people and planet. He thinks experienced cyclists can unwind when the streets are free from cars.