Council promote cheaper insulation using leaflets

January 18, 2012 by  

A local council has used leaflets to promote the fact that people who are seen to be most at risk from the cold winter months are able to gain access to cheaper insulation for their homes.

Gosport Council is working with Hampshire Council to provide loft insulation at a discounted rate to people who fall into certain groups within the community, for example, the elderly. One woman told that she heard about the financial aid that is available from the flyer that she received through her letter box. The council have often promoted initiatives like this using flyer printing.

Southampton’s residents could also be eligible for a similar discount when it comes to insulating their homes and residents are advised to contact local authorities for more information. The Gosport scheme is one that covers all areas of Hampshire apart from Southampton and Portsmouth, as these areas run their own schemes.

Maureen Skipp, one of the people who took up the offer of cheap insulation from Gosport Council, spoke about her experience, saying:

“I felt reassured knowing it was council backed because I knew that if I had any problems, I would be able to contact my local council. Since having the insulation installed, I’m now even more careful about saving energy.”

The Gosport scheme is set to run until September 2012. Gosport residents can find out more on the leaflets that are being distributed around the region, or they can contact the council directly for more information.