Brochure printers could help Southampton’s new Marine Quarter to prosper

January 13, 2011 by  

A new and innovative Marine Quarter is set to be developed in Southampton on a site previously used for ship building. The quarter will feature a housing development as well as a variety of shops, entertainment venues and office space. In order to inform the public about this, the developers could call upon local brochure printers in Southampton and surrounding areas such as Hedge End to produce engaging and informative booklets that can be distributed around local homes and businesses to raise awareness about what the new Marine Quarter will offer. As well as providing housing and facilities for Southampton residents, the development will also create up to 700 jobs and breathe a new life into the city’s economy. The Marine Quarter will also be something of a tourist attraction and brochure printers could offer Southampton’s tourists an insight into the range of leisure and entertainment venues on offer in the quarter.

The Marine Quarter is being created by Southampton City Council in partnership with The South East England Development Agency and the £500m programme is set to completely regenerate the entire area. To ensure that the parties involved get a significant return on investment, they need to ensure that the Marine Quarter is promoted effectively to ensure the desired effect to boost the local economy is achieved.

Using local brochure printers in Southampton would be a positive move – it would support local businesses and send out the right message to prospective customers or visitors.