Anti-fluoride campaign postcards used in Southampton

March 2, 2012 by  

A campaign to stop the addition of fluoride to drinking water in Hampshire has been boosted by campaigners sending a flurry of postcards to local authorities.

Hampshire Against Fluoride is an organisation that has been campaigning to halt the decision to add fluoride into the local water supply due to potential health risks and ethical issues. They recently stepped their campaign up a gear by encouraging around 100 protesters to flood local health authorities with postcards explaining their campaign. The postcards were given out at a meeting and were produced using postcard printing.

Southampton, Hedge End, Rownhams, Totton, Eastleigh and Netley are all areas that could be affected by the decision to tamper with the local water supply. Southern Water, the company responsible for supplying water, are still looking into the feasibility of the project and how to control the areas that receive water containing extra fluoride.

Stephen Peckham is the chairman of the Hampshire Against Fluoridation organisation. He recently spoke to The Southern Echo, saying:

“It just shows it hasn’t been properly thought through. If they’re still trying to work out its feasibility how can they have already approved a scheme as feasible? It seems a little late to be looking into it now.”

It is over three years since the decision was made to fluoridate the water in the Hampshire region, and still no final decision has been made as to how this will be carried out to comply with legal and ethical guidelines.