A list of ‘Don’ts’ when producing a catalogue

You will probably have a large “to do” list when you are looking to design and produce your company catalogue. However, there should probably be just as many items on your “Don’t” list as there are many things to avoid when producing a good product catalogue.

Do not focus solely on what goes on each individual page. Obviously it is very important how you set out your product range, but initially you need to consider the whole visual impact of your catalogue. How it all works together to maintain the customer’s interest and what is the overall impression that you want to leave them with are very important. Similarly, do not squeeze too much onto each page in the hope that the more products that are on offer, the more sales you will get. Consumers will be put off by the cluttered effect.

Lastly, do not scrimp on production costs. Since your consumers cannot physically touch the products that you are selling, the impression your catalogue gives will go a long way to convincing them to buy. Here at Minuteman Press, we specialise in Print company in catalogue printing in Bath printing services catalogue printing in Bath and know how essential the right Print company in printing printing services printing effect can be for a business. We work with local businesses that are looking for catalogue or Print company in brochure printers in Bath printing services brochure printers in Bath to produce materials that present their products in the best light.

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