Printing Companies in Cambridge

With its world-recognised university, Cambridge is one of the United Kingdom’s busiest tourist spots, receiving over three million visitors every year. As well as the university though, the area is home to historical attractions such as the Bridge of Sighs, the Cambridge Botanical Gardens and St Bene’t’s Church. Printing companies in Cambridge often play an important role in the preservation of this local history by producing home-grown literature on behalf of many of the tourist attractions and academic institutions in the area.

Many famous folk resided and studied in the town, including Sylvia Plath, Charles Darwin and John Milton. With 31 colleges, the University of Cambridge is classified as one of the greatest learning institutions in the world. As well as many academic departments, the campus also has a range of museums and exhibitions, which can be accessed by both students and members of the public. Often, printing companies in Cambridge are commissioned to develop the leaflets and pamphlets for these places as they are able to use their local knowledge to provide an outstanding end-product.

The River Cam runs through the town of Cambridge and boat trips provide one of the most popular activities for sightseers. From the river, many of the areas famous sights can be seen clearly, such the university buildings and the King’s College Chapel. Printing companies in Cambridge often develop printed information for these river tours and many of the bike and walking tours which regularly take place in the area.

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