The process of catalogue printing

When your company is looking to produce its own brochure or catalogue, it can be useful to understand the full process from design to production in order to get a feel for the timescales that will be involved. Never underestimate the time involved in producing quality marketing and product material as mistakes cost time and money.

First there are design considerations. These will be based around the type of business your company is and whether or not you are producing a catalogue for consumers, or a business to business brochure, for instance. The number of pages and the number of products on that page will need to be considered, along with how many catalogues you need to print – and how often. Working with a designer and a printer closely will help you with these decisions.

It can be helpful to set out a schedule marking all the key ‘events’ of your catalogue’s creation. You should highlight when photography needs to be booked and when the Print company in printing printing services printing press needs to be booked etc. This can help form a checklist that you can tick off as you go along to ensure deadlines are met.

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