Laminating in Basingstoke

For people who want that extra special impact on the printed goods, such as Print company in business cards printing services business cards for example, Print company in laminating printing services laminating is a great option. Laminating works particularly well on small posters and signs for the office, as well as on business cards, as it gives the printed item a sheen that only Print company in lamination printing services lamination can offer, and helps to keep the item free from dust and light, making it last longer.

Businesses in Print company in Basingstoke printing services Basingstoke are especially keen on laminating services as Basingstoke has a thriving business community, enhanced by excellent road links via the M4 and links to London by rail. Print company in Laminating in Basingstoke printing services Laminating in Basingstoke is a highly sought after service, and one that Minuteman Press offers to its customers.

The process of laminating involves a plastic film being applied to the printed product, and then heated to the point where the plastic film almost ‘melts’ to the print. This creates a finished quality product with a durable covering.

Laminating in Basingstoke is also popular for businesses such as restaurants and cafes, as laminated menus look professional and elegant, and are hardwearing, meaning constant reprints due to general wear and tear are unnecessary.

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