South Birmingham under pressure to take a healthy challenge

April 15, 2011 by  

Over 1,200 residents of Birmingham turned out recently to have their blood pressure checked in an attempt by local authorities to beat high blood pressure.

Local health authorities in Birmingham had attempted to break a world record for the most blood pressure checks taken in one area in 24 hours. The record is currently held by Florida in America, when they managed to get 2,075 people to take the test in this time frame. Whilst Birmingham didn’t quite beat the record, local health professionals were extremely happy with the turnout and were also pleased with the amount of awareness they raised on the health risks that are associated with high blood pressure.

High blood pressure causes around 50 percent of strokes and around 40 percent of these could easily be prevented if blood pressure were only routinely checked and regulated.

The event itself was a huge success and helped to significantly raise awareness of the issue. Local authorities could benefit from running a follow up campaign to those who did not take part, publicising the success of the day and outlining the risks of not getting checked using flyer printing. South Birmingham and the surrounding areas are home to printing companies who would be able to help with this. Flyer printing in South Birmingham has helped to raise awareness of a number of issues, both health related and otherwise, and the blood pressure awareness campaign could receive a real boost with the right kind of follow-up material.