South Birmingham advertising company charms a Cobra

November 23, 2009 by  

Cobra’s National Curry Week is all about reinforcing the connection between curry, and Indian beer Cobra. The task of designing the artwork and advertising campaign to re-associate Cobra beer with curry was given to the South Birmingham based advertising company, Life. Life worked on POS printing in South Birmingham to design a series of adverts to promote Cobra’s National Curry Week.

The POS created by Life will be used throughout Curry Week, which takes place next week, in shops throughout the UK, including Indian restaurants. Life has created poster printing in South Birmingham to depict classic Indian images, such as henna hand decorations, in an attempt to create a contemporary image for the campaign.

Life has also created a slogan to use in Cobra’s National Curry Week campaign to enforce the association between curry and Cobra beer. The slogan created by Life is ‘Cobra – The Perfect Curry Companion’.

The printing material created by Life included an advert in the Sun newspaper on Monday 23rd November, which featured their slogan and imagery from the Cobra beer bottle. Sunday’s News of the World also featured a teaser advert for Cobra’s advertising campaign.

The advertising campaign will hit full swing next week as several adverts will appear in national newspapers, including full page printed adverts, which will feature Cobra offers, curry recipes and biographies of Indian curry chefs.

Life are hopeful that the advertising campaign will boost the sales of Cobra beer in the UK and will see Cobra and curry once again go hand in hand.