Redditch tackles image problem

August 15, 2010 by  

Companies offering printing services in South Birmingham have been called upon to help a neighbouring town overhaul their dull image. The council in Redditch has launched a marketing campaign to tackle their bad press having once been named as the ‘most boring place in the universe’, by Channel 4’s ‘The Word’. The first stage in restoring pride in the area is to be tackling local perceptions and encouraging those who live in Redditch to feel proud of the town. Adverts will be place in local media and on posters around Redditch to address what the council feel is a very unjust and undeserved public perception of the ‘new town’. The council feels that selling points of the area include its proximity to an airport as well as residents being able to enjoy green spaces and a sailing lake. As a strap line from one of their adverts claims, the area has ‘more trees than Sherwood Forest’.

The marketing campaign has the overall theme of ‘It’s my place’ and was developed as a response to feedback that the council had gathered from young people in the area who claimed that the lack of nightlife in the town had made the area dull. The council have also responded to these comments by opening a BMX track and making plans to develop a new swimming pool as part of other plans to improve the town. The marketing campaign will run until the middle of next month and will also feature online activity through social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter.