Rankin signed up for Birmingham binge drinking campaign

May 27, 2010 by  

Famous photographer Rankin has been signed up by an NHS trust in Birmingham to give them a hand with their latest anti-binge drinking campaign. The hard hitting campaign is designed to focus on the consequences of binge drinking and the loss of control that follows. Research has shown that whilst most people claim they understand the dangers that can surround binge drinking, they object to being fed a message that this is not socially acceptable behaviour. The NHS Birmingham East and North trust has put together a campaign that is not forcing a ‘drink less’ message but instead, focusing on what can happen as a result.

Rankin was involved in co-directing the viral ad which features a young person drinking heavily and out of control, falling out with their friends during a big night out. The message at the end of the viral ad is “Lose control and you could lose everything”. The ad is part of a multi media campaign devised to show just what might go wrong on a night out where binge drinking is involved and images of a bloody pavement, a smashed window or a car overturned will be displayed on leaflets, street installations, postcards and posters.

The viral ad will appeal to a younger audience, who is the main target for the campaign, but posters take the message to the streets to remind young people to be cautious at the point where they are on a night out. Anyone looking to get their message out on the streets can find companies offering poster printing in South Birmingham who can supply a cost effective and efficient service.