Posters and leaflets promote new community market

September 3, 2010 by  

Printing companies in South Birmingham have put their services to good use to help produce leaflets and posters to promote a new market in the area that is run by the local community for the local community. Stirchley United Working Men’s club in South Birmingham has turned their car park into a bustling market every month, using their small plot of land to bring together a community where people can sell their wares to local residents.

Some of the treats that can be sampled come from Tom Baker, who cooks sourdough pizzas and sold them to local people for £4 each and Louise Palfreyman, who made jams and chutneys in her nearby home and brought them to sell at the market. South Birmingham Food Co-op also took a stall to sell their whole food items to the area.

The community market is not just for food produce and the market has developed to include photographers and craftsman from nearby areas to show at the market.

Organisers used tried and trusted methods of getting the word out about Stirchley, which included poster printing and distributing flyers that were all sourced through a professional printing company. They also adopted online social media methods, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote the markets.

The founders are a small group of people who negotiated the Stirchley WMC’ car park free of charge and paid just £50 to get a licence to hold the market. Money and support was also given by the Town Centre Partnerships from the city council.