Police use Twitter and traditional digital printing in South Birmingham to raise awareness of their work

February 19, 2011 by  

South Birmingham Police recently made a progressive move in which they used the online micro-blogging website Twitter to record their actions over 24 hours. The South Birmingham Police team hoped that this new form of communication would highlight the work being done by police officers and would hopefully strengthen bonds with local residents. As well as using this pioneering technology, the police force has often used more traditional methods of communicating with local residents such as leaflet printing in South Birmingham. It is important for the local police service to have a good relationship with local residents and it is hoped that an increased awareness of the work being carried out by police officers will help to build bridges between the two groups.

This innovative use of Twitter is the latest development in a stream of technological advances being made by police forces throughout the UK. On Tuesday 1st February, the Police.UK website was launched which gives detailed information on crimes that have happened in local areas, with a view to making people more vigilant. Whilst these advances in technology are a positive step, it is widely acknowledged that they will not replace printed media. Printing companies in South Birmingham have worked with a variety of public and private sector businesses for a number of years and the demand for digital printing in South Birmingham is on the increase as organisations look for ways to promote their online activity in the real world.