Local stationery company sold to French firm

March 3, 2012 by  

A West-Midlands based stationery company that has been established in the area for over sixty years has been bought by a larger French company.

Helix, manufacturers of all manner of stationery and office equipment, was recently sold to Maped, a French stationery company with an established presence on the continent. An administrator who worked towards selling the company commented on the new ownership, saying:

“We are very pleased to have been able to secure the future of the Helix business. We are also delighted that the employees based at Helix’s head office in Lye will transfer to the company’s new owners.”

Despite the fact that some manufacturing activity will continue to take place near Stourbridge, many people may feel that their feathers have been ruffled by the international acquisition of Helix.

Anyone looking to shop local rather than global could consider contacting a local print shop to carry out services such as stationery printing in South Birmingham. By using a local printing company in South Birmingham or Stourbridge, the good work done to the local economy by Helix over the years will continue to live on, even in the face of this international buy-out by a large company.

The president of the new owners of Helix, Jacques Lacroix, spoke about the new brand that has been added to their portfolio, saying:

“I am pleased that Helix will be able to preserve its operational autonomy, while benefiting from the Maped Group’s strong manufacturing and commercial support.”