Kays Catalogue celebrates 100 years in business

August 8, 2011 by  

Kay’s Catalogue, the fashion and lifestyle retailer; celebrate 100 years of catalogue printing this month with an exhibition that has been commissioned in their honour.

First started in 1880, Kay’s the business was based in Worcester. The Catalogue was launched after it became an established business and has been running for 100 years now.

An exhibition has opened at the University of Worcester, celebrating the catalogue’s diverse history and giving visitors a way to travel back through the fashions of yesterday. The exhibition features over 1,500 digitally remastered drawings and images from its catalogues over the years, celebrating not only the looks of times gone by but also celebrating the history of catalogue printing.

South Birmingham, Worcester and the surrounding region all thrived as areas bolstered by textile and clothing manufacture during the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries and the catalogue industry was borne out of this. As well as large, national companies like Kays, some smaller businesses and especially those focused on commercial or B2B clients, have found it useful and profitable to print and distribute their own catalogues using local companies offering catalogue printing, whether in South Birmingham and Worcester or further afield.

Kays, which now trades as K & Co, has moved some of its business online. However, the company still continues to print its home-shopping catalogue today. This dual approach helps the firm to appeal to both old and new customers, showing that catalogue printing is still popular even after 100 years.