EBB moves to new premises in Birmingham

December 18, 2009 by  

The UK’s largest family-owned independent paper and board supplier, Elliott Baxter & Co Ltd, formerly located in Sutton Coldfield, has moved to new premises. The company’s new branch in Birmingham, which opened in March 2009, is now located at Gravelly Industrial Park.

The new site, 1,858sqm in size, is considerably larger than the Sutton Coldfield premises at 1,114sqm. It has enabled the company to increase it’s stockholding from 800 tonnes to in excess of 2,000 tonnes. Managing Director Tim Elliot said:

Despite tough trading conditions, EBB is confident of growing its business and the time is right to expand our area into the East Midlands

EBB is also planning to create a large distribution centre at Farnborough by merging its Farnborough and Southampton operations.

The new Gravelly Hill site offers much easier access to the motorway network; it is located immediately off ‘spaghetti’ junction on the M6. It is much better placed compared to the Sutton Coldfield location. It should make it much easier to make deliveries, for example, to printing companies in South Birmingham. Mr Elliot said:

Our investment in localised stock and distribution gives us a service advantage over our competitors.

The company has maintained a strong financial position, despite tough economic times, and is always looking for ways to grow its business. As Mr. Elliot Baxter says:

Should other opportunities arise we would look very closely at them.

EBB has been around for some time, they are not afraid to make investments and consolidate, as and when necessary, they look set to stay around for quite some time yet.