Companies offering digital business cards in South Birmingham could see a boost thanks to high-speed rail connection

March 14, 2011 by  

The high-speed rail connection that is set to link Birmingham to London could see an increase in demand for the printing of digital business cards in South Birmingham due to the increased amount of face-to-face meetings that will take place thanks to the cities being brought closer. As well as creating up to 10,000 jobs, – many of which will create a demand for the printing of digital business cards in South Birmingham – people will also be able to travel out from London to Birmingham and beyond for meetings. The high speed rail connection has come under fire recently in light of government budget cuts and the problem of the UK’s deficit which needs to be addressed. However, despite opposition, this improvement to the rail network in Britain heralds a positive new dawn for many groups of people.

In an age that seems to focus increasingly upon digital and online communication, the proposed high-speed rail network between Birmingham and London could see companies revisiting older, tried and tested methods of doing business, such as holding face-to-face meetings rather than conference calls, or holding networking events where digital business cards are exchanged. South Birmingham local authorities would welcome this as a way to strengthen local business networks and to support the local economy. Of course, cost implications to the government need to be considered but so do the benefits of joining up two of the UK’s biggest cities. This could be a real boost for the UK economy.