Comic book printing success for Birmingham brothers

June 11, 2011 by  

A pair of comic book artists has secured a deal with a Print company in print company in South Birmingham printing services print company in South Birmingham to produce the inaugural issue of their comic book, Dreadfire.

Joel and Jeshua Ward are brothers hailing from Chelmsley Wood and have both been passionate about comic books and design since a young age. Joel, 22 is an art student and his brother Jeshua, 24 is a music graduate; and like many of their peers, both brothers have found getting work difficult in the current economic climate. Rather than waste their time, they seized the opportunity to live their dream and create a comic book from scratch.

The comic book features Dreadfire, a superhero who fights crime. However, this superhero comes with a twist – he is native to Print company in Birmingham printing services Birmingham and the stories created by the Wade brothers all take place either in the city or around the UK. In another twist, the brothers have asked Birmingham residents to vote for the kind of powers that Dreadfire should have via their website.

The pair had struggled to secure a printer for their company but have finally settled on a Print company in printing company printing services printing company offering full colour Print company in printing in South Birmingham printing services printing in South Birmingham. By producing the Dreadfire comic locally, the brothers are helping to boost not only the local economy but this also ties into the regional sensibilities behind the comic book.

The Wade brothers are now in talks with various comic shops around Birmingham and the rest of the UK to encourage both independent and chain comic book outlets to stock Dreadfire.