Birmingham’s efforts for City of Culture praised

July 13, 2010 by  

Minister of Culture, Ed Vaizey, has backed Print company in Birmingham printing services Birmingham’s efforts behind the city’s ‘City of Culture’ bid by calling the recent London Underground poster campaign “entrepreneurial”.

The city of Birmingham is making a bid for the 2013 City of Culture title which it is hoped will be successful and bring a boost to the local economy of £800m to the West Midlands area, along with 4 million more visitors to the city for the 12 months cultural events programme. The bid plans include ideas such as no longer running the city’s current Arts Festival but replacing this instead with an autumn festival that it is hoped would rival the famous Print company in Edinburgh printing services Edinburgh Fringe. The city plans also to host events such as the Brits and the Turner Prize awards. The city is up against three other rival cities in the bid and the result should be announced in the next month when the decision has been approved by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The Minister of Culture has remarked that he has seen the city’s posters on the London Underground and praised the attempt to raise the city’s profile across the country using poster advertising.

Other companies in the area looking to promote themselves outside of the region could consider poster advertising, especially in an environment such as the London Underground which has a phenomenal footfall and captive audience, making its advertising posters very effective. There are companies who provide Print company in poster printing in South Birmingham printing services poster printing in South Birmingham or other areas of the city who would be able to produce a quotation for businesses looking to advertise in the city.