Birmingham teens turn campaigners to reduce speed

November 6, 2010 by  

A group of teenagers from Quinton, South Birmingham, have joined together to improve road safety in their area. Specifically aimed at reducing the speed of traffic around Quinton, a group of 12 teenagers called the Quinton Road Safety Campaign, are looking to reduce the number of serious accidents in the area as a result of speeding drivers.

The teenagers came together as part of a scheme call Challenge Network. The charity looks to get teenagers involved in community projects, serving the area and engaging youngsters in something positive that can bring real improvements to their community. The group were brought together under mentor, Lee Marsham, who said that the teenagers were strangers before the group was formed but they worked together to research the local area and find out from people in the community what sort of improvements would really benefit Quinton. After deciding on their project, the group then had to pitch to business people to raise £100 funds to develop their campaign.

Enlisting the help of companies who offer flyer printing and poster printing in South Birmingham, the group have developed flyers, stickers and posters bearing their message to distribute amongst the community, along with a video. The group have also made use of online social networks by setting up a Facebook group and using blogs and Twitter to regularly update people on their project as well as gaining signatures on a petition that will eventually make its way to Birmingham Council calling for improvements on road safety.