Birmingham set to become a major UK public relations centre

May 16, 2011 by  

Several PR companies have set up home in Birmingham in recent weeks, potentially heralding the dawn of a new era for the city.

Three key public relations companies, Belgrave Communications, Citypress and JBP have all opened offices in Birmingham recently. There are several reasons for these relocations, but main draws for the area are high-speed rail links with London and also the fact that several PR agencies have clients based around the UK, so a central base is an advantage when it comes to travelling to client meetings.

Birmingham has traditionally been a city of manufacturing and industry, but with the creation of many creative agencies and digital printing companies in South Birmingham and the surrounding areas, there was an obvious gap in the market for PR agencies to make their homes here.

Martin Currie, the director of Citypress, told The Drum magazine that Birmingham has “a lot of mid-cap businesses in advanced and hi-tech industries, as well as consumer and retail sectors” which could make rich pickings if these businesses are looking for a PR agency. Currie follows this up by saying that Birmingham has a “safe economic environment” which could provide fertile soil for any new businesses, from PR to printing companies in Central and South Birmingham.

This migration of PR agencies to the region is good news for local businesses, as it means they can rely less on bigger agencies that are based in London and are often more expensive than regional ones. It also means that, when local businesses use the new PR companies, they are supporting the local economy and helping to strengthen Birmingham’s business backbone.