Birmingham Cycling Map Takes Inspiration From London Underground

April 21, 2012 by  

A Birmingham based cyclist has created a map of the best cycling routes in the city, after being inspired by the iconic design of the London Underground maps.

Nick Meara, a keen cyclist who goes everywhere in Birmingham on his bike, has created a tube-map-style plan of the city, showing routes that are free from traffic to help cyclists plan where they will cycle. As well as printing the maps, Nick Meara has also designed and printed 10,000 leaflets that contain information on cycling in Birmingham. These leaflets are being distributed throughout the city and were created using flyer printing.

South Birmingham areas like Bournville are covered on the map – named the Top Tube Map, which is both a cycling reference and a nod to the London Underground map behind its inspiration – as well as more central routes. There is a real focus on the green spaces and vehicle-free areas of the city; Nick Meara recently spoke about his choice of routes to the Birmingham Post, saying:

“When people think about Birmingham they often think about things like Spaghetti Junction and that Telly Savalas video. I wanted to show Birmingham is changing. There are all these cycle routes for people to use which run through green spaces like Cannon Hill Park, Sutton Park, Kings Norton Park and Sheldon Valley.

Hopefully when people see this then they might be more inclined to cycle than take the car.”

The leaflets are available free of charge and the cycle path map can also be accessed via the Top Tube Map website.