Low Emissions Neighbourhood comes to Shoreditch

June 22, 2018 by  

A Low Emissions Neighbourhood (LEN) is going to occupy parts of Shoreditch.

The idea is that the LEN will be rolled out in sections of Shoreditch during the course of July. A consultation has taken place in relation to the innovative scheme. However, there may be some people who are not familiar with the precise details of the initiative. Poster printing from Shoreditch can be used to communicate with the public.

Travel in certain streets is going to be restricted. Individuals who hold specific permits will be able to continue to go about their business unaffected. Furthermore, drivers of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) will have rights denied to ordinary motorists. The vision is that concerted action can reduce the impact of congestion and pollution on the area.

The space will be protected by cameras that can identify number plates. Vehicles that fail to conform to the regulations associated with the LEN will be spotted. Drivers of offending vehicles will face the levying of fines.

Cyclists and pedestrians may gain from the implementation of the proposal. It seems that these people are the majority of local road users. They could welcome the consequences of the policy in terms of health and safety. However, there may be some adverse impact on taxi drivers and hotel users. Taxis often drop tourists or entrepreneurs off at a hotel in the zone and this activity might be hindered in the future.