First impressions count – A case for professional logo design.

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First impressions are incredibly important in the world of business, so with the help of a professional logo design, you can make your first impressions count.

It is said that a customer makes a decision within a third of a second of their first encounter with the business on whether to actually consider their products for purchase.  If the company logo is the first thing they see about the business this be all it takes to either hook them into exploring the company’s products further or walking away.

A good logo is also essential for any business because it forms the foundation of the wider corporate brand.

As the business grows, the organisation will often market their logo and brand together across various media elements, including printed material, promotional products, business stationary and online content.

This is where Minuteman Press can help.

Whilst some of the best known organisations  ‘do branding’ well, as a matter of course.  There are still many who don’t understand the difference between a company logo and the corporate brand.  Let’s take Nike for an example; their ‘Swoosh’ is a symbol, Coco cola’s italised name or even McDonalds golden arches are just symbols.  These are an easily recognisable symbol which the public associate with the company.

The brand however represents much more than a simple symbol, it is a holistic perception of the experience that the customer will get when engaging with a particular organisation.

The brand is part of every touch point of the business.  Like customer service, fast turnaround, quality products or a no quibble refund; if a customer is not satisfied with the product or service.

Branding can be as diverse as:

  • Commercials
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Product packaging or promotion
  • Store design and product placement

More specifically the difference between the logo and brand is that the company logo is a visual queue to the brain to recall experiences associated with the brand experience.

That’s why at Minutemanpress-Shoreditch we work with our customers to understand their brand, before designing their logo.





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